Employment Opportunities for Certified Pest Control Operators

Are you interested in a new and better position, greater opportunities for advancement. Maybe you are retired or have a CPCO license and are working  in another area but  want to stay active in the pest control industry.  We may have a solution for you. If you are a certified pest control operator (licensee) in any category (at least one) you may be able to secure a position that is the perfect fit!

Registration is absolutely free.

  • Complete our Information Data Form
  • We will enter your name and qualifications in our database
  • We will then search our database for Companies in need of a CPCO (licensee) with your qualifications located in or around the area in which you’re interested.
  • When we locate a potential employer you will be contacted. We will discuss the potential employer with you.

After you and a Pest Control License Consultant discuss the terms and conditions of a possible employment agreement, the potential employer will receive only your name and phone number but only after you give permission to release your information to the prospective employer.


Our fee for matching you with an acceptable employer is 10% of the agreed-upon amount($105.00 minimum charge) paid monthly for the duration of the agreement. This amount is due at the time you agree to work with the owner/manager.  This fee can be paid with a check or a credit card. This fee is due once a month and not prorated. This is due on the first of each month with a grace period given until the 20th of the month. All payments must be received and postmarked by the 20th or a 15.00 late fee will be added. NO FEE IF YOU ARE NOT HIRED!

Should the hiring company agree to pay your fee, but fails to do so, you remain responsible for our Fee.  It is best to have them pay you and you pay us. If you are not hired there is no fee. 

DISCLAIMER: We have no state authority and leave the responsibility of complying with any State and/or Federal regulations up to the CPCO (licensee) and the company or owner.  A+ Business Brokers, Inc., and A + Business Brokers Consulting is strictly a transaction broker putting the CPCO (licensee) and the company together for a fee from both parties.

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