January 17, 2018

Certified Operator License Categories



We assist with 5 categories for owners, franchisees, and certified operators as listed in most states. General state classifications are:

  1. General Pest Control (GHP)
  2. Subterranean Termite( SUBT)
  3. Lawn and Ornamental (L & O)
  4. Drywood Termite (DWT)
  5. Wild Life (WL)

Certified Pest Control Operators must be registered within the home state or another state to qualify for Pestcontrollicense.com CPCO service and must be certified in at least one category in one state. Reciprocity may apply in certain states.


Owners and Franchisees

Pestcontrollicense.com provides information about what CPCO’s (WITH THEIR PERMISSION) are available to the Owners and Franchisees of large and small pest control companies. By law, a pest control company must have a Certified Pest Control Operator except in special circumstances. We work to find certified Pest Control Operators who will suit your company in the category that your company needs. When you need a certified operator now or in the future, please complete your company information under” Hire A Certified Operator.” Please give as much detail as possible to expedite the process. There is no fee for this service until you hire an operator.


Certified Pest Control Operators

We offer free registration to help connect CPCOs to owners and franchisees. To register, click on place a license and complete the required information. A confirmation will be sent to let you know that we are working to match your license(s) with business owners and franchisees who are actively seeking pest control operators. Once a potential match is made, Pestcontrollicense.com will contact you to set up an interview.

Please describe in detail all of your qualifications and your current certified category licenses.

Go to Place a license and fill out the form. We will place your license soon.

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