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There is no financial obligation unless you choose to hire or work with an operator. All conversations are confidential.

We require a one time payment if you choose to hire or work with an operator. After payment is received we will create a complementary Work Agreement for both parties.

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The Work Agreement can include the following forms and documents as a complementary service.
Confidentiality Agreement
Assignability, Breach and Injunctive Relief
Liquidated Damages
Return of Company Property
Employment Relationship
Choice of Law
Finding a Certified operator with the correct licenses
Total cost :                                                                   $3650.00

We will search our Pest Control Operator data base to find the operator that best suits your company needs.
We will notify you of his/her interest and you can talk directly with the prospect. The fee for this service is $3650.00 for the employer payable by credit card, only if you and the operator agree to work together. Once you agree to work together, verbally or by contract, with the certified operator and consequently hire the prospect AS A CERTIFIED OPERATOR, CONSULTANT OR AN EMPLOYEE, the fee is due at that time. Pestcontrollicense.com will invoice you via email, the invoice will be due upon receipt. After Payment is made and we have all the terms of the agreement we will create the Work Agreement for your review. All items included are listed above and will not be separated as per our company policy. This protects both our clients. If for some reason the operator doesn’t work out after placement we will find you another operator within the first three months after agreeing to work with the original operator. The terms of the agreement start with the submission of this form and terminate upon successful placement or agreement to work with an operator or notice from you our services are no longer needed.

We are strictly a transaction broker between the business owner and the licensee. We have no authority and leave the state regulations and compliance up to the two parties involved in the use of the license.

Hire a Certified Operator

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